Artist Statement and Process

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Artist’s Statement

I believe that art of any kind speaks for itself. Whatever effect it has on you is something personal that you have found within yourself. 

My paintings serve their purpose when you view them and some part of you relates, thinks, feels and absorbs the image. The thoughts and feelings you have are the most important part of the art. You take those with you. You get to keep them. If my paintings have made an impact, then they have accomplished their goal.

To tell you my inner thoughts on each piece, or even to voice my opinion on ‘why’ and ‘how’ my paintings came to be, is intruding on your own perceptions. What you see, what you feel, and what the paintings say to you is exactly what I want them to say. Each of you will find something different.

Artistic Process

Most paintings start as an idea in my mind, often totally developed before the first sketches are placed directly on the canvas. Architecture and architectural elements are often the catalyst and other elements, mostly symbolic, are added as expression of events or ideas that have had an impact in my life.

The composition for a painting is completely drawn out in pencil, down to the smallest detail. Once the painting starts, my concentration is focused on the coloring and lighting. Seldom are details deleted or added once the painting has begun.

Several paintings are simultaneously in production at any given time. The average completion time of a new paining is one a month, but often, a few are completed at once. This process keeps my interest fresh on each painting and allows proper drying time between sessions.

The size of the paintings is actually a practical concern. The canvases cannot be any larger than the space available in my car (40”x50”). However, I have created larger paintings by distributing a work over several canvases and assembling them as a single display.

My artistic process has had few changes in my 20 years of painting, however my sources for ideas and subjects continue to expand with my experience. 

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